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Irish Internet Users Concerned About Censorship

A lot of people seem to be concerned about the implications of ISPs being asked to block access to certain websites by private companies. With that in mind several Irish internet users have launched an online campaign to raise awareness – Blackout Ireland. You can read more about the campaign on their site.

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IRMA Threatens Irish ISPs

I don’t want to get into the entire IRMA vs Eircom and IRMA vs ISPs debacle. The only reason I’m even writing this is because I’m getting a bit tired of all the “quotes” of “quotes” and other unclear and misleading things that people have been saying about ISPs over the last few weeks. To […]

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Show Us Some Loving

One of our clients was asking me yesterday if we had any “hosted by” or “hosting powered by” type images that they could use on their site. We do, but for some stupid reason they aren’t on our website at the moment.. I’ll see if I can rectify that, but in the meantime here are […]

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Blacknight Horse On Rampage in Cork #iba09

@micheleneylon are you responsible for this? #iba09 Originally uploaded by Robin Blandford I’m not sure who is responsible for this, but it does amuse me. The cut-out is courtesy of So who has been abusing our lovely horse? UPDATE: Sorry about the multiple posts. Flickr was throwing an error when I tried to use […]

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Irish Blog Awards 2009 Best Business Blog

Wow! We Won!

So this humble blog actually won the Best Blog of Business at the Irish Blog Awards last night! I wasn’t in attendance, but I believe George was there to pick up our award. Thanks to the sponsor, RedCardinal and the event organisers While I’m sure there will be plenty of blog posts over the coming […]

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Irish Blog Awards Nominee 2009

Best of Luck To Everyone Tonight

Tonight a bunch of Irish bloggers and their friends will be living it up down in Cork at the Irish Blog Awards.I won’t be there, though I will probably follow the event from a distance via Twitter.. Both the company blog (here) and my personal one have been shortlisted, which is nice. Whether we win […]

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Dragon’s Den Contestants And The Web

While I missed the first half of Dragon’s Den (Irish edition) this evening, I was following the chatter on twitter It’s 2009, so most of the entrants have a web presence of some kind. Unfortunately, from what I was able to see, a lot of them experienced issues with their websites both during and shortly […]

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Horses and Crazy Ideas

People are strange. It’s always amazes me how they react to things. A carefully thought out article / post will result in at best a half dozen comments, whereas a random musing that gets thrown up on whim manages to attract ten times that number. In any case we have gone over all 60+ comments […]

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certified Microsoft hosting partner

Another Shiny Object For Our Offices

We really like shiny objects chez Blacknight. Some “shiny objects” are useful, whereas others just look nice. Well the latest one we got was from Microsoft, as we are now a certified partner: We’re hoping to upgrade our certification level with Microsoft in the coming months when a couple of more technical staff complete a […]

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