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Bank Holiday Opening Hours

This Monday, 1st June 2009, is a bank holiday in Ireland. As a result of this our sales and billing teams will be enjoying the nice weather (presuming it lasts!) The IE Domain Registry will be closed on Monday, so no new registrations will be processed fully – they can, of course, be queued. Our […]

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Beware of Google Scams

Several of our clients have been in touch with us recently regarding yet another scam. At least one company is targetting small businesses offering them “guaranteed first page position on Google”. To make matters worse they’re also claiming to have a special relationship with Google. Now don’t get me wrong, there are plenty of reputable […]

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IIA Protecting Your Brand Slides

As some people were asking I’m making available the slides from the session this afternoon on online brand protection. As you can see my slides aren’t particularly long or detailed, but hopefully people will get some idea of what I was talking about Questions / comments welcome as always. domains-iia-blacknight-2009.ppt Related articles by Zemanta Protect […]

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Linux VPS Are Go Again

Due to demand vs. supply we had to stop selling Linux based VPS servers a few days ago. It’s nice problem to have! In any case they’re available again now, as we put in a few more hardware nodes. You can check out the various Linux powered VPS over here

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Protect Your Brand Globally – IIA Congress 2009

As part of the IIA Congress this week I’ll be involved in one of the afternoon “breakout” sessions: Protect Your Brand GloballyThe session, which is sponsored by Eurid, will involve registry operators (Eurid), registrars (Blacknight) and the legal profession (Matheson Ormsby Prentice). What will we be talking about? In broad terms it’s all about domains, […]

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ICANN Sydney 2009 Logo

Blacknight Goes Down Under

Next month sees the 35th public ICANN meeting being held in Sydney, Australia. I’ve been going to the public meetings as often as I can over the last couple of years and find them to be a fantastic opportunity to get involved with global policy development. All the ICANN meetings are 100% free thanks to […]

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Are You Interested In Training?

Following on from some random chatter on Twitter earlier this evening it’s become apparent that some people would be interested in training.. Training on what though? Well that’s really up to you… Obvious topics that could be considered: the control panel Plesk dns basics domain basics (and maybe more advanced topics?) So would people be […]

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A New Homepage?

We love getting feedback from people and while we may not always reply or act on it, we do listen and read it all. So it’s only fair that we share one user’s vision for our website. Admittedly it’s a bit biased, but I thought we’d share it anyway … Well what do you think? […]

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