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Why choose Blacknight

People often ask us why they should choose us as a hosting company. Hosting is hosting,  right ? Wrong. Hosting and domain name services are critical to the availability of your website. If something  impacts either of these, your website will not be available for people to visit. With business relying more and more on […]

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Free yourself - don't be a digital prisoner

Blacknight Encourage Customers to Upgrade Their Digital Lives in The New Year

It’s a New Year, so it’s a perfect time to make changes, start new projects and “put your best foot forward”. With that in mind we’re encouraging people to have a look at their “digital life” and see how they can make the best of it (watch this space for more articles on this in […]

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Paypal Users – Check Your Code!

Paypal are making some subtle, yet important, changes in how they handle redirects and landing pages for their merchants ie. those of us who use Paypal as a method of accepting payments. If you don’t accept payments using Paypal then this will not impact you. At the moment if you are an Irish Paypal user […]

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KnightBuilder Gets an Update

Last week saw us making a pretty major upgrade to KnightBuilder for the Getting Irish Business Online Project. So rather than boring you with major technical details I’ll just dive right into the guts of what has changed. 1: The “about us” page and “News” pages have changed. They are now considered as Extra Pages […]

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Bulk Domain Orders Are Here!

One of the things that people really really hated about our old order system was the lack of a bulk order option for domains. Our nice new shiny order system solves this issue once and for all! You can now order up to 100 domains at once via our new bulk order system. We’re also […]

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Paypal Issues

We’ve been encountering some issues with Paypal integration with, so we have temporarily disabled Paypal payments. This DOES NOT affect We hope to have this resolved later today, but it may take longer UPDATE: This issue has been resolved

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