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Blacknight News Now on Widset

If you are a mobile user then you might be interested in adding the Blacknight widset to your account. It’s a nice little alternative to using an RSS reader to get the latest news, tips and rants from team Blacknight! More info on the Widsets site

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Minor Rebranding Starting Soon

Over the next few weeks and months we’ll be rebranding slightly. It’s not going to be one of those “huge” rebranding exercises where we change the company name, fire all the staff and move our offices to Los Angeles or anything crazy like that. We’ll simply start using a couple of the domains that we […]

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Network Maintenance – Cisco Switch Upgrade

Our team of networking engineers like to keep our network running smoothly and I am happy to say that they do a very good job of it overall. Of course this means that from time to time they have to upgrade and patch things. So between 27th and 28th of August we will be doing […]

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Nominet Automaton Web Interface

As we are active members of Nominet, the .uk registry, we often have to modify, renew etc., domains on our account. While it might be possible for each and every member of our staff to become intimate with the specific commands necessary to interface with the registry’s systems it would be a bit unrealistic. Our […]

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Blacknight To Sponsor BarCamp Galway

BarCamp Galway takes place on 22nd September and we’re delighted to be sponsors. We may even get to send someone to attend the event! Though I won’t confirm that just yet, as it seems to curse any chance of it happening if I do! In any case you can find out more on the event’s […]

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Centralnic Maintenance This Week

Centralnic have announced that they will be conducting maintenance on their systems this weekend. Most services related to centralnic’s order systems etc., will not be available DNS, which is the most visible thing, will not be affected

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Ramping up for .asia launch

Over the next couple of months a new domain extension will go live – dot asia (.asia) which is aimed at representing the businesses and people of the Asia Pacific region. We’ll be providing information on the registration requirements over the next few days as well as pricing and timelines. Why would you want to […]

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Delays with co.uk registrations / updates

We have been informed that Nominet’s backend system is currently experiencing some delays. In some cases this can lead to a 2 or 3 hour delay between a request and it being actioned. If you are registering any co.uk domains or have requested any changes of DNS etc., then please be aware that there is […]

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Fibre Issue Update

We have received a detailed report from our fibre provider regarding last Friday night’s outage. As the report is very long and highly technical I won’t be publishing it here. If anyone affected by last Friday night’s issue would like more information about the steps that both ourselves and our fibre providers are taking to […]

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Vote for us in the Web Hosting Directory

Vote for us!

In true blatant self-promo style I would ask you to please vote for us: Please vote for usin the Web Hosting Directory

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