Scheduled Network Maintenance Monday 12th of November

When: Monday 12th of November @ 22:00 What: Migration of CAR’s and Firewalls into a single vlan We’re moving the Customer Access Routers and firewalls into a single vlan so as traffic exchanged between the firewalled and unfirewalled network segments doesn’t need to go into the distribution layer of our network and hence is switched […]

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ICANN Los Angeles Aftermath

I just got back from the ICANN meeting in Los Angeles, California. As happens with those kind of events you spend about a week soaking up information. There are a lot of people in the internet industry globally and some of them are doing very interesting and exciting things. I’ll be posting about some of […]

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Putting the accent on domains – IDN ICANN LA

One of the main theme’s at the ICANN meeting in Los Angeles, California, is IDN – internationalised domain names. IDN has been a topic of much interest, discussion and debate for the last few years as currently you cannot use non-ascii characters in domain names. While that may not be an issue for an English […]

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What’s on at ICANN LA

I’m heading off to Los Angeles in the morning to attend the ICANN meeting. I’ll try to blog a bit from there either on here or on my personal blog or my domain news blog (you’re spoilt for choice!). The meeting agenda is available online. If you’re not a big fan of TLAs (three letter […]

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icann losangeles

ICANN Los Angeles

The next ICANN meeting is being held in Los Angeles, California. Although the meeting doesn’t officially start until the Monday there will be meetings and events over the weekend as well. I’ll be attending again, as there are quite a few topics of interest on the table. If you’re interested in the meeting schedule, then […]

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Domain Registrant Rights

As a domain registrant you have certain rights. Unfortunately those rights can be abused by companies that don’t believe in ethical business practices. It would be nice and simple if the whois display were the same across all TLDs (ie. domain extensions), but they’re not. A basic right is for the domain to be registered […]

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