barcamp galway

BarCamp Galway

Unfortunately I didn’t make it to BarCamp Galway, as we’re doing a major deployment this weekend (remember those photos? Multiply the pile of servers by a factor of 3!) I’m hoping that some of us will make it to Kilkenny for PodCamp instead!

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Quick Clarification On Comment Delays

Just a quick note to people posting comments. Since we moderate all comments (it’s a business blog, so I really don’t want spam on it!) there can be a delay in comments appearing. I’m sorry about that, but there’s not much I can do. If your comment doesn’t appear and you think it should have […]

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Unscheduled Network Outage – Sunday 16th 18:40 – 19:05

Summary: An internal routing issue developed in our network between our edge routers and our core distribution routers. Diagnosis and Resolution: During regular network maintenance Blacknight staff were moving a customer from the shared vlan to their own VLAN. During this move we were forwarding IP packets from their old IPs to their new IPs. […]

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Dell Kit – Second Load

We took delivery of a second load of Dell kit later this afternoon. Since we had so many Dell servers it only seemed logical to use Dell cabinets, so we got a couple of them. They’re not terribly exciting to look at, but using Dell cabinets with Dell servers will mean less messing about. If […]

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