Comment Policy Update

In order to preserve our sanity I’ve modified the settings here so that comments will automatically close after 120 days. So any entry that is 4 months or older will no longer be open for comments. Since quite a few of the posts on here are time sensitive eg. special offers it makes sense. It […]

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dog with a laptop

Teaching A Dog New Tricks

I’ve never really liked that old adage of “teaching a dog new tricks”. I firmly believe that you have to learn to adapt and grow. Launching a new product or service is a learning process. I could shove in another saying there about mice and men, but that might be overkill. Earlier this week we […]

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VPS Hosting On Linux AND Windows Now Available

We have finally launched the first set of new products and services that we’ve been working on for months. As of last night Blacknight VPS hosting is open for business. The new VPS hosting is the perfect solution for people who want to run custom setups without incurring the costs of dedicated hardware. For example […]

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Website Basics

This article was originally published in April 2008’s edition of Computers in Business. Since I wrote it and retain the copyright I am republishing it here: People are always publishing articles on how to make the most out of your website or how to turn your website into “the solution” for your business. I can’t […]

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hold on

Delays Are Painful

I am currently very very frustrated and annoyed. I’ve always tried to be honest and upfront with clients, so it really annoys me when I have to backtrack on any kind of promise. We are about to launch a range of new hosting plans. We can’t launch the new hosting plans just yet, since there […]

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Data Centre Porn – Well Almost!

If data centres and secure hosting environments make you yawn then this post might be best avoided. We all know that you want your hosting to “just work”, so you really don’t need to know about the “inner works”. I don’t blame you. Personally I find data centres to be incredibly boring places. They’re not […]

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VOIP Security

The guys in Enum 353 are running a session this Friday on VOIP security which might be of interest to some people: Venue: Morrison Hotel, Ormond Quay, Dublin 1 Date: Friday 28th March 2008 Time: 9.30 a.m. to 5.00 p.m. (lunch included) There will be no charge to attend the session. Overview: This workshop will […]

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