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Heads Up! Blacknight Billing Move Coming Soon

If you’re not an existing Blacknight client this post isn’t going to be that interesting or relevant to you, so you might want to move along… The short version of this post: We’ll be emailing you to get you to choose a new username for the new control panel and billing system. The email will […]

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INEX connectivity Upgrade

When: INEX LAN#1 connection being upgraded @ 23:00 on Monday 10th of March. What: We currently have 2 x 100M connections to INEX. Our LAN#1 connection carriers a lot of our INEX traffic and as such we’re upgrading it to 1000M to prevent it being a bottle neck for traffic originated in Ireland. This is […]

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Why Standards Matter

When you take your car into a mechanic you expect them to do the job correctly and to meet industry standards. It’s not something you ask about, as it’s taken as a given. When it comes to web design, however, standards are all too often put in the back seat. You could get into a […]

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Articles Published Elsewhere ….

For the last couple of years I’ve been writing a monthly column for PC Live, which is one of Ireland’s consumer electronics magazines. Since January of this year I’ve also been writing a short column for the Sunday Business Post‘s monthly ICT supplement, Computers In Business. Since neither publication makes all of my articles available […]

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easter egg from Green and Black

Going Green For Easter

Easter will soon be upon us, so today we decided to splash out on some “goodies” for the staff in our offices – organic Easter eggs from Green and Black’s. Green and Black’s eggs come in recycled cardboard boxes and while the ingredients in the eggs may not be FairTrade the company has a good […]

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