Payment Processing Issues

We’re currently experiencing an issue connecting us to Realex payments. As a result we’re unable to process credit, debit card payments. Realex are aware of their issue and are working to resolve it. We’ll get a call back once it has been resolved and I’ll post an update here. Update: 12:14pm It seems realex have […]

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help wanted

Blacknight Is Hiring – Data Centre Technician and other roles

When I first setup Blacknight we were a very very very small operation without any staff, offices or anything else. Nowadays we have a growing team and are constantly expanding. Our offices are quite comfortable, though we’re going to be extending them very soon. We’re currently looking for more staff to help us expand and […]

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WordPress updater was broke in installatron

Summary: We got some support queries over the weekend from various customers who were upgrading their wordpress installs saying that they were having permissions issues. Resolution: I’ve been dealing with the installatron guys for the last 4 or so hours and we’ve tested and re-tested and … so on. We’ve got the bug nailed down […]

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creative camp Kilkenny

Creative Camp Kilkenny – March 8 2008

Over the past year or so we’ve sponsored most of the BarCamp events throughout Ireland. Whether they’re in Cork or Galway, Dublin or Belfast, here at Blacknight we’ve done our best to get involved and offer our support where possible. A few months ago Kilkenny played host to Podcamp, which was essentially a podcasting celebration […]

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