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Blacknight @ Showcase Ireland

Showcase – Ireland’s Creative Expo®

Yesterday, Sunday 24th January 2016, accompanied by the IEDR, Blacknight attended Showcase Ireland’s Creative Expo®. On behalf of Blacknight, armed with merely a laptop and a PowerPoint presentation I spoke to a full house on the topic ‘Boosting your online business and success’. Presentation overview Search engine optimisation Content Management Webmaster tools & tricks Tips […]

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An Introduction To Responsive Webdesign

An Introduction to Responsive Web Design

One code to rule them all, and on the web bind them… Web Design used to be simple. Well, simpler. Designers would design to the most popular desktop screen-size, create a single layout that works for pretty much everyone. This was typically a 960px wide Photoshop document which allowed you to easily divide your design […]

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Want A Few SEO Tips?

As some of you may know we also run a weekly podcast over on This week our guest was Paul Savage, who also provided a guest post on this blog previously. He talked to us about search engine optimisation and about some of the things to avoid. If you’d like to learn a little […]

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SEO For Dummies

Editor note: This is a guest post by Paul Savage of BlackDog (more info below article body). The purpose of this article is not to insult you by calling you a dummy for reading this, in fact I have no idea what your SEO acumen is, but hopefully after reading this you will have a […]

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Beware of Google Scams

Beware of Google Scams

Several of our clients have been in touch with us recently regarding yet another scam. At least one company is targetting small businesses offering them “guaranteed first page position on Google”. To make matters worse they’re also claiming to have a special relationship with Google. Now don’t get me wrong, there are plenty of reputable […]

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SEO Competition Fun And Games

SEO (search engine optimisation) competitions, where the entrants have to get their site to rank for a random keyphrase, are a bit of fun. They also allow people to show off their SEO skills. Damien Mulley posted earlier today about an SEO competition he’s running, but as he hadn’t mentioned any prizes I thought we […]

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sixy logo

Sixy – Directory of ipv6 Enabled Sites

If your site is accessible over ipv6 or you simply want to find other ipv6 enabled sites then a new web directory called Sixy might be of interest. Unlike a lot of more traditional directories Sixy uses tags to categorise sites and as a site owner you can specify which ones you’d like associated with […]

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