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Social Media Awards 2012

Social Media Awards 2012 Nominations Close Friday

If your business is using social media then you might want to consider entering it for the 2012 Social Media Awards. Nominations close this Friday You can find out more about last year’s winners (including ourselves) in the whitepaper here. The event takes place in the Mansion House in Dublin on May 17th and if […]

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Year of the dragon - year of the cloud

Year Of The Cloud Discount

2012 is the Year of the Dragon. We decided we’d make it the “year of the cloud” by offering you all a special discount on our cloud server hosting plans What’s the offer? 20% off any annual cloud server hosting plan What is Blacknight’s cloud hosting? We offer a comprehensive range of cloud hosting plans […]

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Check The Small Print – EU Business Register (and others)

Successful scams aren’t complicated. They don’t involve lots of technology. They simply involve fooling people and using “old tech” ie. paper, pen and signatures to scam money out of companies. EU Business Register is one of those “services”. Here’s the current version of the form – that they’re distributing via spam email: Notice the costs? […]

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Get a job with Blacknight and earn big :)

Want A Job?

We’re hiring again! At the moment we have vacancies in both our customer service / technical support team and our sales team. More details here and here Want to know what it’s like working for us? Check out some of the photos on our Facebook page or ask our current staff (most of them are […]

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What Do You Want To Hear About?

Since it’s the beginning of the year I’m currently working on several “projects” for 2011 – or at least the first couple of months of the year. One are that I think we need to do more is in relation to this blog. Sure, we post on here semi-regularly, but I think we need to […]

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So Why Do You Choose Us?

I spend a lot of my time thinking about marketing and sales. We can track clicks, impressions, telephone calls, emails, live chats etc etc., but none of this data will answer one of the key questions: Why us? Why do people choose to register their domain name(s) or get hosting (or both) with us? Is […]

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