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Show your restaurant a little love

Get your restaurant online

This is a bit of an opinion piece when it comes to restaurant websites. Feel free to disagree. With the launch of .bar and .rest I thought it the perfect time to talk about restaurant websites. A .rest domain name really shows you are with the times and a forward thinker. It would also help […]

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Reflecting on Ten Years Plus of Hard Work [Video]

  Blacknight’s new data centre was officially opened on Monday by the Minister of State for Research and Innovation, Sean Sherlock TD, before an audience of friends and colleagues. Afterwards, our CEO Michele Neylon spoke about the company’s 10-year journey, from a bedroom in Paul Kelly‘s sister’s house, to a 12,000 sq ft facility employing […]

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Are You A Product?

Don’t Rely On Social Media

We love social media. We’ve got profiles on all the major networks, but we know that we cannot rely on social media networks. They rise and fall. Remember Bebo? A few years ago it was “the” social network in Ireland and the UK. Or what about Posterous? So many “cool” services offer users all sorts […]

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Every Time You Register A Domain Name with a Hyphen, a Puppy Dies

Puppies, Domains and Startups

A couple of weeks ago I was fortunate enough to attend the Shift conference in Split, Croatia (sorry – I recycled the graphic from last month above!) The event, which includes a startup competition, brings together startups from across central and eastern Europe, with speakers from the four corners of the globe. I was speaking […]

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Save big on .xxx domain name registrations in the month of May

NSFW! Save BIG On XXX Domains

We love a special offer and we love being able to bring you BIG ones. The temptation to make silly puns with this one is strong, so I’ll cut to the chase .. Register a .xxx domain name during the month of May and you’ll get a HUGE saving. We’re only charging €8.95 (ex-VAT) per […]

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Why choose Blacknight

People often ask us why they should choose us as a hosting company. Hosting is hosting,  right ? Wrong. Hosting and domain name services are critical to the availability of your website. If something  impacts either of these, your website will not be available for people to visit. With business relying more and more on […]

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Free yourself - don't be a digital prisoner

Blacknight Encourage Customers to Upgrade Their Digital Lives in The New Year

It’s a New Year, so it’s a perfect time to make changes, start new projects and “put your best foot forward”. With that in mind we’re encouraging people to have a look at their “digital life” and see how they can make the best of it (watch this space for more articles on this in […]

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