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Suspicious Files in WordPress

Hardening your WordPress Security

  WordPress Security is a big thing for us as we host a LOT of WordPress sites. Not having an up to date install can mean things can get exploited and hacked. This could result in spam emails being sent. Spam content put into your site and you may even see your site suffer in […]

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Heartbleed Security Bug Update

We posted on Tuesday about the Heartbleed security bug which was discovered in OpenSSL Once we became aware of the issue we immediately began checking for affected servers and patching them as required, our “shared hosting” server nodes were not affected as they were not using  the version of the software which contained the bug. […]

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Heartbleed OpenSSL Security Bug

OpenSSL is cryptographic software which provides SSL (Secure Sockets Layer) or TLS (Transport Security Layer) encryption to secure communication over the internet e.g. web, email, VPN and IM A bug has been discovered in certain versions which allow attackers to read the memory of the systems running affected versions. The security firm Codenomicon which discovered […]

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Please be cautious

We’ve had a number of reports from customers that were contacted by someone misrepresenting themselves as an employee of Blacknight. While it is possible that we will call customers from time to time please remember, as with all calls you receive, you should verify who you are talking to. This goes for all service providers […]

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Say NO To Mass Surveillance

I love the internet. I love technology. I love the way that the Internet has revolutionised so many aspects of our daily lives. Before the advent of the Internet it would have been a lot harder for a small Irish company, such as ourselves, to succeed on an international stage. Unfortunately, unless you’ve been hiding […]

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Please Upgrade your WordPress Installs

WordPress 3.6.1 is here

What has 13 bug fixes and 3 security patches? This Guy -> WordPress 3.6.1 It is just me or does it feel like I was only posting about WordPress 3.6 the other day? Still security fixes are no laughing matter and you need to keep your website and the software it’s running on up to […]

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The Shiny New Blacknight Control Panel

Well it’s a bit over a week on from our upgrade of the Control Panel and we’re rather happy with how things worked out. We’ve been listening to feedback on twitter / facebook on the blog about it all and it has been mostly positive with one or two questions as to why the display […]

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cookies 101

EU Cookie Law Presentation Slides

I gave a presentation earlier today at the Irish Computer Society on the EU Cookie Law – or Statutory Instrument Number 336 of 2011 European Communities (Electronic Communications Networks and Services)(Privacy and Electronic Communications) Regulations 2011 if you want its real title. I’m not a lawyer, so I was looking at the more practical implications […]

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Security Issues

Normally we blog about pretty much all news we have – both good news and bad news. This morning, however, we felt it prudent to take a slightly different route and emailed our clients directly before publishing anything anywhere else. As has been covered in the media today we had a security issue which led […]

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Stopping Badware

I’ve always been a strong believer that good behaviour and a clean internet would lead to a better experience for everyone. There is a lot of nasty stuff out there and we’ve always tried to do what we can to stop it from affecting our clients. Unfortunately “network abuse” is not “sexy” or exciting and […]

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Blacknight Warn Users to Mind Their Content Management Systems

Cases of compromised website Content Management Systems (CMS) are on the rise and Blacknight would like to remind users to update their CMS and plugins regularly. There is nothing more Internet-embarrassing than losing control of your website and recent Content Management System breaches are a reminder of the importance of operating your online business in […]

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Blacknight Solutions Warn of Domain Renewal Scams

Carlow, April 26th Domain space innovators Blacknight Solutions are striving to make the public aware of Domain Renewal Scams. When the time comes to renew a domain name, registrants receive renewal notices via email from their registrar. However, an overwhelming number of domain registrants are receiving renewal requests via postal mail and email from entities […]

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