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WordCamp Europe 2013 – WCEU

You know those blog posts that you start, come back to, restart, completely scrap and then start again? This is one of those posts. This weekend saw myself and Michele our CEO heading for Leiden, Holland. Fun fact Leiden is the home of Armin van Buuren, but unfortunately for us he wasn’t the chosen DJ […]

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Please Upgrade your WordPress Installs

WordPress 3.6.1 is here

What has 13 bug fixes and 3 security patches? This Guy -> WordPress 3.6.1 It is just me or does it feel like I was only posting about WordPress 3.6 the other day? Still security fixes are no laughing matter and you need to keep your website and the software it’s running on up to […]

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Get Automated Upgrades Available Notifications

Patch up WordPress ( please )

Waking up today and we’re hearing about more issues with certain plugins so once again here’s the type of blog post you see quite a bit on here. It’s namely the keep your website up to date post. You generally keep the software on your computer up to date don’t you? There are new features, […]

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Blacknight Urges ICANN to Reconsider “Closed Generic” TLDs

We’ve posted about “closed generics” a few times in the past. What are they? Basically they’re applications for new tlds that have two characteristics: the string (the bit on the right of the dot) is very generic the applicant has stated that they don’t plan on allowing the public to register domains using the extension […]

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Twitter Cards Now Enabled!

As regular readers of our blog know we like to share our content across multiple social networks and tend to be relatively early adopters.. A few weeks ago Yoast posted about Twitter cards and how they were now “in the wild”. Unfortunately you still have to go to the Twitter developer site and signup to […]

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WordPress spreadsheet

Keep your site up to date

No we’re not talking about keeping your site up to date with new content. In this post I’m talking about keeping the software you’re running your site on up to date and it’s not a new topic on the blog for us. I’ll mainly be talking about WordPress (which is at 3.4.1) but it’s the […]

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Speed Up Your WordPress Content Creation

One of the great features of WordPress is the ease at which you can add Pages and Posts to a site.  With a simple click you can create, edit and publish content.  So for a once off website creation you can be up and running in literally a few hours if you know what structures […]

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Wordpress 3.3 is here

WordPress 3.3 is out

These types of posts are quite common for us but they really are worth repeating. Please Note: This post applies to Shared Hosting Customers with self installs ( as well as VPS / Cloud customers with self installs ) of WordPress and NOT to Application Vault WordPress installs WordPress 3.3 was released last night and […]

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